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  • Direct Marketing

    There are many forms of advertising, such as:

    • Television
    • Radio
    • Billboards
    • Promotions
    • Direct Mail

    Although many of the above channels of advertising are still extensively used, there is a major risk factor for many brands, because these channels of advertising are:

    • Expensive
    • Not Guaranteed To Reach Potential Customers
    • Difficult To Monitor Effectiveness

    Properly implemented, face-to-face direct marketing is the most cost effective way of recruiting customer acquisitions. Furthermore, clients are not charged for simple word of mouth promotional activity automatically conducted through direct marketing – only for secured long term customers. Therefore one of the biggest aspects for any client is the return on investment. This is often guaranteed with other forms of advertising and is hard to monitor or reward.

    Due to the nature of our face-to-face marketing format, it increases turnover with no upfront outlay, making it:

    • Low Risk
    • Easy To Monitor
    • Flexible To Clients' Needs
    • Cost Effective
    • A fast and flexible solution in a changing environment
    • Uses the simplest and oldest method of communication

    Direct marketing combines the information of a scripted advertisement with the reassurance of a word-of-mouth recommendation. We commonly refer to this as "community marketing".

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