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    Since establishing Titanium Marketing in 2006, the field of direct marketing has exploded. Having gone through recessions and the credit crunch, clients now, more than ever before, are cost conscious and more aware that consumers are bombarded by traditional, expensive forms of advertising.

    Everyday life has become an advertisement filled, all media encompassing snowball, with people not even talking to one another, instead relying on social media to communicate. I believe this transition has made it difficult for even the most recognised and trusted brands to communicate with and connect to their customers, which is why I am passionate about direct marketing.

    We offer something different, a personal approach which employs the world’s oldest communication technique of human interaction; one person talking to another about a product or promotion. A service we provide that is easy to manage and cost effective. If a product changes or there are questions needing answering - our team are there to represent your brand to the highest standards. As the Managing Director I pride myself on providing the best product training and coaching to all our team members, I want a lifelong business that integrates with the community, cares about customer service and delivers phenomenal results for the clients.

    My business is a people business and I believe in investing in people through education, confidence building and providing an enjoyable atmosphere they feel special and appreciated in. I have a direct approach to mentoring and supporting our teams and believe in leading from the front. Unfortunately I feel that most managing directors have an office and that is where they stay 90 % of the time, I believe however in being involved in developing and coaching all members of the team whether it is a new start or a more experienced member of the team to help them to reach their full potential in their role.

    The atmosphere we have created here at Titanium Marketing is one that is exciting, fun, creative and supportive, whilst being incredibly professional and providing a high standard of service to clients. From our ongoing persistence and dedication to our work and standards, a lucrative and successful business will continue to be established.

    Nick Rees Managing Director

    Nick Rees

    Managing Director

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