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  • Recruitment Process


    Applications received in house through online submissions. The recruitment team review and shortlist applications; successful candidates contacted for an initial appointment.

    First Appointment:

    We aim to hold an initial appointment with the Managing Director on site at our Northampton office. This gives the applicants a great opportunity to get a good feel of the company and the roles applied for, additionally we get to meet the candidates face to face and assess your communication skills. First appointments last around 90 minutes, we don’t need to see any identification documents or preparation, it’s simply a chance for the Managing Director to observe your communication and interactive skills whilst giving a thorough breakdown of the company and role.

    Second Appointment:

    Following the first appointment, if successful, you will be invited to attend a second appointment where you have the opportunity to stand out and impress. You will have a chance to meet the team you will be working alongside and experience the environment for yourself. We will let you know on this day if you are successful and if not give you relevant feedback to take away with you.

    Week One

    Induction Day:

    A full in house day dedicated to introducing the Company, the Team and learning more about the infrastructure of our client relationships. We will look at the progression opportunities available and see presentations on our routes to market and current campaign strategies

    Sales coaching:

    From the first day through to the end of the first week, in house sales coaching and product training is paramount. We hold interactive workshops, test and discover the team's learning styles and learn key sales techniques. We teach an intensive, structured approach to campaign marketing so our team feel totally confident in their skills and knowledge ready to go to market.

    On site sales development focus:

    For the remainder of week one, new starters will take what hey have learnt and been taught in house, and go live on their specific campaign. Working alongside their team leader, the primary aim of this time is to grow confidence and become consistent within the sales pitches and customer service direct with customers.

    Week Two

    Developing on from week one, our goal in week two is to progress and build on sales confidence and promote New Starters to level two of the Business Development Programme – Leadership. This is where team members have become specialised in their campaign and consistent with their sales skills performing to a high level each day. There will be more structure to the training with more emphasis on target audiences and how to maximise the product and field of marketing.

    Going forth from week three there are morning product training sessions, new campaigns to be learnt and personal sales development. We offer a lively, fun and productive environment that stimulates and encourages further learning, for ore information on qualifications visit the further education section.

    Privacy Policy

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