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    I have been with the company for a total of 7 weeks now. In December 2013 I was made redundant from a 7 year Army service. A few different jobs came my way but all of them were the same. Repetitive and unrewarding with very little responsibility or opportunity. During my last 7 weeks I have been rewarded greatly for the time and effort that I have put in. This company provides the perfect balance of reward, responsibility and future prospects whilst also having an enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere! Every aspect of my life has changed for the better since joining. The only downside is not being a part of it sooner.

    Steve Loader

    Top performing leader and a future guy to really watch

    I have been working at Titanium Marketing as an administrator for over a year now, as cheesy at it sounds, I love coming to work. Every day I face new challenges, but love every minute. After getting my degree at Nottingham Trent University I fell into work at a call centre yet when I made the move from that environment to Titanium Marketing, I couldn’t believe how much fun I could have at work and what a great and welcoming team I would instantly become part of.

    Jessica Deakin

    -Administrator - Titanium Marketing

    I’m 26 years young and have been contracted with Titanium for approximately six months. I previously worked as a vehicle technician for eight and a half years but I had become increasingly frustrated by the lack of reward for the hard work I was putting in each day, and the lack of opportunities for my future career. I was initially attracted to Titanium because of the atmosphere in the Marketing company, everyone was so enthusiastic and driven. However, now the main attraction for me is that you are rewarded for your hard work not only with great financial benefits, but also career prospects. I love that now my hard work means I get the rewards and opportunities that I deserve. My ultimate goal is to run my own Marketing Company and be able to provide a better future for my children.


    -Brand Ambassador - Titanium Marketing

    This is now my fifth month with the company and I am currently working towards becoming an assistant owner, within the next few weeks. Previously I served 8 years as a grenadier guard, later going on to own my own plumbing business, however none of these gave me the challenges, rewards, or motivation that I needed. Titanium Marketing always has new goals and promotions for me to excel towards. I have been given the opportunity to create and mentor my own team, with the guidance and support from the Managing Director of the company. You are recognised for the work that you do, not only with awards but also financially. I like being in control of my own future. This is the first place I’ve seen where that’s possible.

    Chris Cowey

    -Brand Ambassador - Titanium Marketing
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